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Early Christmas Gift….

December 17, 2009

lovely image by sevenspoons*

Yesterday I received an amazing early christmas gift…I’m sure it’s a mistake, but the London Times have named Pillar Box Post as one of the 50 of the world’s best design blogs!!  Number 47 to be exact. I was absolutely thrilled, honoured and dubious when I saw I was surrounded by so many brilliant bloggers. It’s especially crazy to see those bloggers getting excited about the mention as well, like design*sponge and swissmiss, and I’m thinking hang on, if you think it’s great, I should be doing somersaults down the pavement (which in fact I was).

Anyway, for all the great new friends I hope to make from this amazing opportunity, welcome to Pillar Box Post! I’m just a graphic designer girl, raised in America, transplanted into London town with a mischievous french bulldog and a charming Mister. If you stick around you’ll be privy to my obsessions with anything oversized, my Dutch bicycle Betsyknitted necklaces, sweaters with something to say, colourful illustrations, leather camera bag projects, niave drawings, my quest for the “holy boots”knitted fox scarves, Olive Juice (my minx of a french bulldog), moodboards, pastel beach huts, paper cuts & peeking in shop windows! Whew…sounds like a lot, but there’ll be even more, hope to see you back!

*Beautiful photograph taken by sevenspoons

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  1. December 17, 2009 5:13 pm

    Congratulations! I’m very pleased to have discovered your blog through that article and have added you to my blog roll over at Urban Flea. Hope you have time to swing by and check it out!

    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea 🙂

  2. December 17, 2009 5:45 pm

    Congratulations on your placement! Flipping through your site it’s easy to see why you were chosen – I’ll definately be bookmarking you!

  3. Pamela Loring permalink
    December 17, 2009 6:28 pm

    Congrats, Brittany! I saw this this morning over at chez larsson and am thrilled to see you in such great company.

    Also, thanks for mentioning the Morgan House after your trip to the States, great picture of Lee’s Main St.!

    Olive is toooo cute, bet you’re having fun with her].

    Happy Holidays!

    • Pillar Box Post permalink*
      January 4, 2010 1:51 pm

      thank you thank you! I really enjoyed our time in lee, even if it was short…we’ll definitely be back at some point. Olive has a personality as big as her ears so she’s great fun even when she’s being naughty!

  4. December 17, 2009 7:00 pm

    Congratulations! You do have a very welcoming and eye-catching blog.

  5. December 17, 2009 8:52 pm

    Huge congrats!!!! You deserve it. I’m a fan of your blog so was so pleased to see you in the list xx

  6. December 17, 2009 11:35 pm

    Congratulations on getting into the Times Top 50. I must admit I am a little jealous but you do deserve it. Great blog.

  7. December 18, 2009 3:31 am

    Wonderful News!
    Well done….
    Looking forward to getting to “know” you and this lovely Blog.

  8. December 18, 2009 6:20 pm

    thanks so much for the lovely comment! isn’t mr. bargo fantastic? glad you enjoyed it!

    xo katherine aka. urban flea 🙂

  9. December 19, 2009 8:22 pm

    congratulations! wow, found you via time online! what a cool blog!

  10. David Nguyen permalink
    December 20, 2009 12:02 am

    Brittany, you’ve struck a “mega” of a design blog. Captain Critical would be proud.

    Back to you.

  11. sophie permalink
    December 23, 2009 2:06 am

    Just to let you know that I am recommending your blog when I was asked by to do a presentation of UK home decoration trend, we are a sourcing agent in China. So you are world famous… 🙂

    Wish you a merry christmas and happy new year.

  12. Pillar Box Post permalink*
    January 4, 2010 1:56 pm

    It sounds generic, but thank you all so much for your kind words, greetings, hellos etc. I’m playing a bit of catchup at the moment, but I will be visiting all your own blogs etc in the coming days/weeks/whatever it takes me!

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