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Peter Pan Sighting

August 18, 2009


There is a woman that occasionally catches my bus in the morning that has  great fashion sense. I reckon she is probably an editor of a magazine or otherwise involved in the fashion industry…but someone quite secure in their job…I have my reasons. See, I’ve done some work with Conde Nast and everytime I am at their office, all the people seem a bit too “try hard” tottering on skyscraper sculptural heels, tights, mini skirts and the like and this woman (probably in her thirties) has a casual calmness about her wardrobe that makes her in the know, actually kind of above it. Anyway, last week I spotted her again and have been thinking of her outfit since then.

I made a quick sketch for my ‘inspir -o-wall” as best as I can remember it…it went a bit like this: Nudey/pinky/peachy top in a silky fabric with an oversized peter pan style colour (not completely rounded or pointed, a cross) with cropped sleeves. She had on cropped, slightly high waisted dark yellowy/tan chinos with a belt. On her feet were soft dirtied gold chuck taylors (or similar style, might like these kurt geiger sneakers, but lo top). And to top off the look was not an ‘it’ bag, or tote…but a GIANT clutch style folio. It looked like mulberry leather, that dark caramel colour, and was probably just over a foot wide with one simple zip at the top. Hair was pulled back in a simple no fuss ponytail and no standout jewelry. So simple, yet so memorable, just enough quirky touches to give it that something something. It makes me want to buy luxury blouses that are made just that much nicer, with pretty details, but i just. can’t. make. the. leap!

Operation Peter pan collar has officially begun.


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