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Bed Me…

November 2, 2010

I don’t have anywhere to put it, it doesn’t go with my style and it’s still probably a bit pricey for a bed seeing as that we live in a closet BUT (of course there is a but, this is a place for aspiration and inspiration, not unadulterated whinging) I WANT this bed!! I spotted it in an Anthropologie display back in spring and was drooling then and mentally making notes. In this fantasy I lived in some warm climate with a giant wraparound porch complete with beautifully handcarved day bed, piled with pillows, and a pitcher of lemonade. I would just curl up with the dog, reading books and doing other non technological things all day. Alongside my daydream I was also making notes on how I could replicate it myself (which to be honest I couldn’t, but bear with me) because the price tag was £2,800. But now surprisingly it hasn’t sold, and they’ve knocked £2,101 off the price leaving it at a somewhat affordable £699. Which is actually kind of depressing because it means that its not within reach, but not out of reach…seriously I think I’m happier when there is no possible way I could even sell my soul to get something…

Benoa bed from Anthropologie  £699

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  1. Mutte permalink
    November 16, 2010 7:04 pm

    Love this! And It does go with my Mexico life! I’ve always loved tropical foliage and recently finished painting stylized tropical leaf designs (4 diffent) on the backs of my 4, 1940’s wooden folding chairs ( that are 4 different related color schemes).
    Although I love the carvings (but also can’t afford), I can picture a simple homemade bedframe and then the carved leaves and birds could easily be painted trompe loile (forgive my poor spelling). Then I would hand paint the upholstry fabric (maybe painter’s canvas drop cloths).
    I think I would make my bed a hanging version to put on my screened porch.

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