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Socks Rock…

September 7, 2010

I’ve mentioned it before…and I’ll probably keep mentioning it. I love socks. Ankle, Knee, Thigh…I appreciate the covering all the leg through. I feel like 2010 could be the year of my sock, before I feel too mutton dressed as lamb. I have such fond memories of pressing my nose up against the glass of an H&M in Stockholm because they had a fabulous pair of soft knitted thigh highs. Sort of like giant leg warmers/socks. I felt ridiculous for going to H&M in another city, but they have different stock, I swear! Well they were a slight dissapointment, since they never ever stayed up (even with the addition of clever elastic cording woven through them). This year will be different, I can feel it in my toes!

Oh and a serendipitous find along the way of my sock cultivation. Pops of red! I’ve never been massively into red, but those suede red shoes, and red ankle socks have really taken me. As if socks weren’t a hard enough trend to pull off, but let’s make them as obvious as possible, eh?

Outfits and images from zara, jcrew and madewell. Sorry I am running a bit short of time to post individual links for shots. Just leave a comment and I’ll let you know where an individual image is from! Cheers!
If you’d like more information on my sock problem check out camping trend, or brogue inspiration!
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