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In the House

August 24, 2010

I’m slightly concerned. About myself. First off, I literally mighavepossibly actually squealed when I saw House Industries new prints. Which is worrying for varying reasons, but I’ll move on. Two, I fear I might have some self manifested issue that when wall space, framing possibilities are taken away from me, I naturally (mentally) hoard an endless list of potential canidates for the prime spots. I haven’t gone down to auditions yet, but don’t put it past me. AND 3. I’m really about to copy and paste boring product details blurb into a post. Not because I’m lazy or that dull, but I find it hysterical, and if you weren’t sold on the prints before this, I’m pretty sure this will be the tipping point…and I quote:

Even a crappy frame and some custom glass is probably gonna run you over a hundred bucks, and that doesn’t even count the artwork. So before you go off the deep end with the Insane Clown Posse fans that work in AC Moore’s framing department, ask your personal accountant to do a cost benefit analysis on purchasing a few of our pre-drilled, ready-to-hang plywood prints. The number crunchers most likely won’t be swayed by the romance of our hand-pulled, air-dried inks, but they can’t argue with the fiscal prudence of bypassing the costly framing process.

P.S. “mr. gif’ i’m really sorry for all the hate on you in the past. I fully appreciate you can be cool now too. Not that the cats weren’t or anything, but flicky posters, inexplicably makes me happy.

Get in on the house industries action from $45 USD here.

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