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Pop up Houses…

August 23, 2010

I was tickled when I heard from illustrator, Max Dalton today…it’s not everyday you get an email from a ‘monocle‘ illustrator or an artist producing fabulous ( + fabuloulsy affordable) prints. He’s recently created a couple of cut out sets to allow you to build a little mid-century modern scenes–namely the Sunday barbecue and the cocktail party scenario. And if you have a phobia of destroying artwork *ahem-me* or just don’t fancy having a miniature time warp on your desk, the design is created to be framed, flat (and unharmed!).

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this somehow reminds me of a dollhouse that I had at my grandma’s house growing up–probably solely for the fact that it was all ‘faux’ rooms with just illustrations printed on it, and the one side flapped down so that you could access the inside of the house…but viola on doing so you created a patio, complete with beautiful aqua pool. Sigh, I LOVED pools in any capcity growing up, but especially in illustrations, drawings, book covers etc. I’m thinking the phone on my desk at work is really unecessary, whereas a fake flat pool and pom pom palm trees on the other hand. Perfectly practical.

To see more of Max’s work visit his blog, or shop.

Cocktail Party Cutouts and Sunday Barbecue Cutout Set start at $28

*( there is a variety of sizes on different papers at different price points)

I also am eyeing up the other work in his portfolio including the Clouds poster which you can buy here and the sad mr. unicorn. Obviously his exclusion from the trip was in the interests of safety for everyone else, but I’m sad for him nonetheless…

Still want more? Perhaps you would be interested in this World Map Poster or more about the Monocle brand.

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