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What a novel idea…

August 9, 2010

Oh quirky Kate, you’ve done it again. How cute are these classic Kate Spade book clutches? I’m not so keen on spending 325 dollars on any purse let alone a gimmicky one, but I applaud the effort nonetheless. Also kudos on the well designed book covers and not just going for the purely classic ‘penguin book style’ (although that too could be quite interesting) The novels are The Great Gatsby , Great Expectations and The Importance of Being Earnest. And if the price tag is a bit to much (oh who am I kidding surely it will be!) perhaps I could interest you in some lovely desktop wallpapers? Everybody loves a bit of quirk, aaannnd a bit of free.

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  1. August 9, 2010 10:26 am

    this is so cool Kate
    but i can’t afford it
    thanks to you though
    this is a great book show đŸ™‚

  2. August 9, 2010 3:04 pm

    Ohhh! I love that. makes me ruminating about making them myself, because 300 quid are just too much for a clutch ;-). Since I study book production I should REALLY have one *hehe*. Thank you for this inspiration! Have a lovely day.

    • Pillar Box Post permalink*
      August 16, 2010 12:03 pm

      You can make it!! I’ll offer emotional support if necessary…

  3. August 9, 2010 4:27 pm

    Lovely! You might like these too – Penguin’s RED collaboration (and the money goes to a good cause!):

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