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The Queen E…

July 27, 2010

Visit to Tuvalu 1982

The engagement photo

Visit to Tuvalu 1982
Love the blouse!

Queen Elizabeth and family on her Father’s Coronation day

Cecil Beaton Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

Like every good dual nationality British Citizen, I made my oath to the queen* and subsequently began a mild fascination with her, most especially the young Princess/Queen Elizabeth. I guess having grown up with the icon of an ‘elder’ royal family I’m easily amazed to think that once, long ago, the royal family actually consisted of a young family. In actual fact, the Queen (or Queenie as I affectionately refer to her) was only 25 when she took to the throne and already had a child (Prince Charles).

Yesterday, Buckingham Palace launched a collection of photos on flickr, covering over a hundred years of Royal family photographs, including the life and times of Ms. Windsor. My favorites are from the 30’s-70’s as you get such incredible picture of the fashions and insight into the royal family (or their photo ops at least). Of course all children swing on playground equipment, but somehow the family in question makes it all the more interesting. As Prince William and Ms. Middleton seem to be taking their good old time at getting around to some Royal Wedding action, the story from yesteryear will have to do. I mean seriously, the photos from the Prince and Queen’s visit to Tuvalu are hard to beat! Full calico frock, hat and gloves, taking photos of an overheated Prince Philip. Classic.

All photos from The British Monarchy’s collection.

* Yes, you REALLY do have to pledge your oath to the Queen. Sadly she wasn’t there to witness it…

Still after some more…yah, I couldn’t stop there, there’s still more of my favorites, just

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  1. July 27, 2010 10:17 am

    They were quite a dashing couple back in the day. Great photos

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