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Oh good.

July 19, 2010

Oh, it’s been so long! I wasn’t really expecting to be incapacitated by work and family for quite so long..and it probably isn’t over yet, but I see some light at the end of the tunnel (but it could just be a flashlight). I was just on a mission to find something for a work project I am currently plodding through, when I stumbled upon this doodle project from Good.  I have a real love for diary doodles (my favorite series being Gemma Correll and her Mister Pickles! ) and I definitely want to participate, if I could just find a few spare minutes! Good are assigning a theme to each month, which you can interpret through the art of well…art and submit by email. The winner receives a GOOD T-shirt and free subscription (or gift subscription) based on ‘overall quality of illustration, relevance to the topic, and clarity and flow’. Above, is a runner up from last month’s project with the theme of ‘solitude in the city‘. This month’s doodle deadline is August 2nd with the theme of ” A day without technology”. Hmmm, how ironic.

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