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Filing away…summer showers inspiration

June 14, 2010

I pulled quite a few files into my ‘inspiration folder’ lately and started to notice quite a fresh, springy palette. If you live outside the UK, you probably think that I’m a few months late. If you live in England well then you are well aware that despite being June it’s still cool and spring like…So let’s just roll with that and embrace it (perhaps even cut down on my ‘I cannot belive it’s June and I’m freezing in jeans and sweatshirt whines). So I’m channeling the summer showers story where everything is fresh, stripey and picnics are only interrupted by fabulous summer showers and thunderstorms and not manky cold winter storms.

1. I want lemonade in a mason jar just like I used to drink at my best friend’s house growing up. Image from Terrain‘s lovely email about Summer Solstice Wellness Day

2. Oh how Betsy would love a Basil Memories basket! It’s hard to tell in the photo, but there are outlines of old milk bottles on the side, how adorable. And as I like to convince myself about bicycle accessories-super practical. £19.99

3. My high school dream pair of Jcrew loafer clogs has come full circle. I’m now in love with high clogs including this pair from N.W.3. for a sad price of £119

4. She might be taking the summer showers theme a bit far with the whole flooding situation, but still can’t help but smile at this picture . Thanks to Coquette & Dove and Sparkles and Crumbs

5. I’ve been caught several times at work dancing like ” I just don’t care…” and I only have Paul Simon’s ” 50 Ways to Leave your Lover” track to blame. Yay for 1975.  Spotify version is better…

6. Fabulous paper food for my imaginary picnic. I can’t remember the source and the guilt is eating away at me…anyone inside my head know where I found this??

7. Beautifully soft yet bold colour palette from EmersonMade

8. I’m such a sucker for simple labelled goods. and for stripey dresses. Saved Jordan Ferney’s lemonade bottle project pictures as a reminder for an upcoming date (I hope).

9. Deciding on my favorite style is not one of my assets…which probably says a lot about how much I love this illustration series from Matt Stevens Air-Max-A-Day where he illustrates the Nike Classics in the style of other design hereos. So different…my favorites Frank Chimero (obviously because I’m borderline obsessed) and Invisible Creature. Thanks grain edit

10. Oh well look who it is…Frank…the original this time. Love the little goodies he sent to Official Mfg. Co.

11. What a gorgeous shape and patterning on this Sawako Furuno Helmet at Bobbin Bicycles. Hmpgh, I’ll take the Mint one please!

12. Audrey Hepburn lazing in a field of wildflowers. If I need to explain, just move on.

13. Sorry the guilt is still eating away from Number 6. I don’t deserve the ickle pieces of green paper lettuce all folded up! I’m pretty sure I’ll find a practical use for this one day.

14. A useful and well thought out message on how to care for your print by Frank Chimero, also from the Official Mfg. Co. Goodies. Good to note that despite my hopes for Summer showers, a print would NOT be happy being placed in a puddle, rain or swimming pool. Duly noted.

15. Minty Basil basket this time…Lovely pairing with the helmet I reckon. Possibly not on a grass green bike though…

16. What a soothing baby shower! Nothing outrageously extravagant, just simply sweet touches (that might I add could be used over and over for different functions, unlike a giant bird carrying a diaper in his mouth) Thanks Twig and Thistle and Imprintables

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  1. June 14, 2010 3:16 pm

    Highly inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  2. June 14, 2010 4:26 pm

    loving this post!!! happy monday!

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