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European Vacation ’09…

June 7, 2010

As I went through our recent holiday photos, it dawned on me that our holiday last year had taken place the exact same week (yay for may bank holidays!) As this trip took place when Pillar Box Post was a mere twinkle in my eye (or more realistically a registered domain name with nothing to show for it) I thought I’d share a few photos from it now. I won’t bore you with all the details…so I’ll just say it was 11 days. 6 stops. 3 countries with just a train ticket in our hands and a pack on our back. Or more often two packs on David’s back. Oh how I love you David. We flew to France and flew home from Venice and all along the way was our quick whistlestop tour of Europe as David showed me the things he loved and we discovered some new things together. As time goes by the memories grow more and more cherished – it was a fabulous time and one I feel extremely lucky to have completed. If I can do half of what i’ve done in my first quarter of a lifetime with the rest of my time I will be a pleased girl!  If you want more you can visit my flickr and visit the travelling set.

all photos by pillar box post
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