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Pick Me Up…Revisited

May 10, 2010

photos by pillar box post

I have only myself to blame. A few weeks ago, I was complaining (shame on me) about the fact that the weather was so nice, but I really wanted to catch the “Pick Me Up” art fair but couldn’t bear to shut myself indoors. Mother nature complied and winter has fallen on England. Slightly dramatic, sure…but not really unrealistic, it was 8 degrees celcius yesterday. on the 8th of May. But on the bright side, David and I could happily (and guiltlessly) bundle up and head over to catch the last few days of the graphics fair at Somerset House last weekend. I really enjoyed it, and can’t believe I left without a goodie, as surprisingly it was actually affordable and some stellar pieces of work. James Joyce definitely caught my eye as well as a few others…

Work above from James Joyce // Claire Scully // Mr. Bingo

photos by pillar box post

I chickened out and didn’t introduce myself to Rob Ryan, *double curses* who had moved his studio, presses and all into the fair. Instead, I silently crept around his temporary studio sucking in all the inspiration on the walls, the cutout in progress and his screens. It was quite successful it seems, as his area was crammed with people who all seemed to be absorbed in the process. Except of course the woman who was dragging her dirty little mitts over the giant paper cuts on display. Now I know they didn’t put these things out thinking nothing would happen to them, but I was still near panic attack watching this several thousand pound piece of work being groped. I tutted, but surprisingly to no effect. Maybe if I write my story of heroic policing to Mr. Ryan he’ll throw a pretty print my way?

You can see Mr. Rob himself, in the white apron in the shots above, right next to the picture of a coffee jar that happens to be filled to the brim with used scalpel/xacto knife blades. I think they missed a trick, that would have been a fabulous party game…Guess how many blades are in the jar and you win yourself a print. I guess 8,616…so who is going to count them now?

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  1. May 10, 2010 1:00 pm

    This is tremendous inspiration for Monday morning. Thanks for sharing RR’s makeshift studio…and, of course, for your police work!

  2. May 10, 2010 5:41 pm

    I so wish I could have gone to this, really nice to see your photos…


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