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Farewell Fridays…

April 30, 2010

keithloutit‘s small world preview

In a much needed attempt to clear my life of any unecessary stresses, I’ve decided to ‘officially’ not post on Fridays. Now, if you are a regular reader of Pillar Box Post, you are probably saying ‘ughm, you never do anyway you lazy bum’. Well, one, that’s rude, I thought we were friends? and two–yes, you’re right but I don’t do it on purpose…and I feel stressed about how time has gotten away from me. I want to keep sharing the things I love, not fit a quota. Whew, I feel carefree already. In celebration of this ruthless culling…I’m creating a Friday post. Yah, I know…go figure. I just accumulated a few things that I thought were very sweet and wanted to share…

gottardo nord from fb1 visuals.

I am such a sucker for a good old tilt shift photograph (basically faked depth of field that gives a minature train set feeling). It is like  the midas touch to otherwise boring shots…or at least when it’s well done. And what’s good in stills is even better in movement, no? Check out this gallery of some amazing tilt shift videos or play my two favorites here or here. * I TRIED AND TRIED to embed these vimeo links with no success, I do apologize.

Staying in this photographic realm, I smiled at these ‘drawings meet photographs’ from Ben Heine that remind me of Looking into the Past.  I get the feeling they are photoshopped faked (judging by the shadows and focus points) which is a bit of a shame, but a lovely idea that is just waiting to be stunningly executed. Might give it a go this weekend! With that, I’m off to finish of the second half of my workday, roll on three day weekend courtesy of the British Bank Holiday system, woo hoo!

Thanks Scott’els’ for sharing the tilt shift with me! // thanks to 2dayblog for the camera drawings

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  1. Tim permalink
    April 30, 2010 11:47 pm

    beautiful sydney ocean pools that are refreshed every tide change… guys must visit and swim…..its an experience doing a “lap” and seeing an octopus on the floor of the pool whilst you are doing your thing 🙂 love your blog keep it up

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