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The MakeBetter Project: Ahoy Sailor…Part 1

April 27, 2010

As you may have noticed from my absence last week, I’m a tad busy…BUT these photos have been sitting on my desktop since just after Christmas and with the long awaited arrival of a sewing machine in my life, it seemed like time to get in gear. This “Not Quite Right, Christmas Gift Edition” Make Better Project began with my lovely brother in law who bought me a dress for Christmas. It fits like a glove, and I really like it ( I do Matt!) But I just feel like its not quite me…yet.

It’s a very form fitting jersey dress with white scoop neck top and navy skirt, with overlapping seam & three faux buttons at the side. I think all it needs is something on top to make me feel a bit less hoochie and maybe make it a bit girlier to offset the fact I’m wearing something skintight top to bottom. Enter my never ending fascination with sailor gear and we have ourselves a project. So here is what I have gathered so far in the sailor theme. I think it’s fair to say, its not a completely off the mark trend. Now I just have to decide, loose or fixed, traditional or quirky twist…has anyone battled the sailor collar before?


Looking for a link for something from above, let me help you…

Looking for:

— The cute red bereted girl…who was last seen here

—The first sailor coat is from APC..but sadly only second hand versions are probably available as I believe it was last season

—Beautiful bicycler is from Bobbin Bicycles

—Alexa Chung is relaxing in a Topshop Sailor Coat

—Blair from gossip girl getting her preppy bows on…

—If sailor coats were the winter trend, then it seems sailor rompers are moving the trend into the warm weather. Romper number on the leggy brunette is Dahlia Sailor Playsuit from ASOS

—An all white version complete with red cap…Elin (from the first picture) does it again! Who knew one girl could have so many different sailor outfits…I’m so envious.

Vintage Pattern for a boxy collar

Topshop Sailor Coat (as seen on Alexa Chung)…sorry ladies check ebay, this sold out right away!

—Second romper is lewis kit romper with silk top available at frances may

—The Full skirted version sitting on the docks is another adorable swede named Ellen H.

Reflective Sailor Collar from Bobbin Bicycles is available in red, navy and ice blue and I am seriously tempted as I begin biking to work. Who can put a price on beauty, err I mean safety.

—The fabulous yellow and grey outfit. Sigh…has anyone spotted this outfit before and can help me locate the owner? someone on but I misplaced my links file! Anyway, congratulations whoever you are because I love the colour combo and the fitted yet loose dress and the modernish twist on a traditional collar.

—Blair from gossip girl again, this time in Bettie Page Dress

—More vintage patterns, this time child style

—Last romper on the list, this double breasted version Pins and Needles Piped Sailor Romper is available at Urban Outfitters


Whew. Sorry…thought I’d try a new way of listing links. Long winded, but might help avoid the ….”hmm, I lost count 20 items into it, now where am I?” problem I know I suffer from often. Let me know what you think. So now I have stripeys, bows, pleats and boxes galore, which style do I adopt?!? Any take your fancy?

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  1. April 27, 2010 11:39 am

    I love this sailor collection!! I keep seeing these types of outfits at Forever 21 which means it must be the new trend!!! =)

  2. April 28, 2010 1:40 am

    What an amazing round-up!


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