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50 Favourite Dog Products // Part One

March 15, 2010

Dogs may not be fussy.. But I am and until Olive can start paying her own way through life she’ll live in my house- by my rules. We shall call these the ‘pretty’ rules. If I follow my own advice I’ll make all purchases (necessity or otherwise) a pleasurable experience. And if I can aid the earth with an eco product or charity all the better. So here my collection of all things doggie. Some are cheap as chips, others not as much but hopefully all are better than a rubber chicken.

*Items that Olive already has under her paw are marked with a special Olive approved mark.

Soft Printed Suede Leather Collar Blue £18.50 // Original Vintage Red Lead $32-36 USD//  Dogs & Horses Dog Bowl (Single) £40 // Alphabet Hooks Olive Approved $12 USD each or £8.22  // Soft Printed Suede Leather Lead Blue £25 //  Peruvian Dark Orange Dog Sweater $42-52 USD  // Canine Styles Bauer Pottery Bowl $45 – $85 USD // Kramer the Crab Rope Toy *portion of their sales to The Rescue Train* OLIVE APPROVED! $14-16 USD //  D&H Wooden-Handled Hand-Stitched Leather Lead with Brass Fittings £42 //  Houndstooth Dog Blanket in Spice Orange $45 USD // DIY Suede Doggy Coat by Martha Stewart Pet Sitting Instructions £5.70 //  Coco’s Finest China Pet Bowl in Walnut $130 USD // Dachshund Cat Toy £11.30 //  Frog Pet Hat by Xmoonbloom // Custom Aluminum Domed Circle ID Tag by lovebarklee $16 USD //  Stick Bowl $19 USD//  HundeHus $500 USD

BowWow Dog Names Book £5.99 //  Humunga Stache £9.99 UK or $12 USD // Rope Lead Control Grey £60 //  Urban Driftwood Dog Bowl $29 USD //  Monster Pet Hat by Xmoonbloom  // Biodegradable Doggie Bags £6.90 //  India Mendi Ball  $13-15 USD //  African Lion Toy *A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Morris Animal Foundation. £14.49 //  Custom Stamped Pet Tags by Two Beans $12-14 USD //  Rubber Dog Bone in Pistachio Green £12.30 -16.90 // Wowo raised wood feeder $98-130 CDN

Check out the ‘rest of the best tomorrow’ at 11:30 AM GMT.


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