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Do you think he thinks it’s grass?

March 5, 2010

When our office was redone last year, we received a foosball table (and a drumkit–as you do…) The foosball table quickly became a daily part of our routine for the design team…it started as an all boy matchup, but not long after they started, I picked up the ‘fourth man’ position. These games are super intense and the table shows the signs of it, as its one bolt away from crumbling. Sadly, one of our teammates is moving to greener pastures and it only seemed fitting that we give him some sort of foosball sendoff.

I dont’ know why it all started, but we seem to only speak in ‘cliched phrases’ when we play, and its almost entirely spoken in random accents. The fact that the four man team is made up of an Australian, an Italian, a Canadian and an American might have something do with it…anyway, these phrases are used on a daily basis so we decied to make a simple typographic poster to commemorate our games. After they started being laid out, it became clear that we were close to mimicking the ‘foosball man’ shape, so after moving line after line we finally got our man o’ type created. Off to print, our A2 poster then needed a home, no? And what is football without grass. So one mailing tube later and a trip down to the market to barter some faux astro turf grass off of a market stall and we made ourselves quite a fine little grass container tube. One final touch of some white ribbbon down the center as pitch lines and voila…a foosball/football themed pressie!

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