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brogue inspiration part 2

February 23, 2010

I seemed to have cracked the seal on the brogue/oxford inspiration…i’m seeing it everywhere now! Very pleased with my choice, just wishing the back of my heels were a little happier with my selection. Go figure, I finally get a pair of flats and my heels get sore. Anyway, these shots are a bit looser in their interpretation of brogues, some with heels or a bit higher, but all fully interchangeable I reckon. So a pair of cropped trousers is a must…And absolutely loving the knee high sock/skirt/tassled loafer (a fine cousin of the brogue). I love knee highs and wear them often, but am still quite concious of getting it wrong. This shows how to do it just right.

The Details

1. apiece apart from frances may via forme-foryou ::: 2. lady horror from north London ::: 3. anthropologie ::: 4.toast

5. steve alan from frances may via forme-foryou ::: 6. chictopia ::: 7. Sienna Miller by Hector Vallenilla/Retna Ltd/Snapper Media

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