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Scrapbook Materials…

February 22, 2010

While this site has probably been featured loads of other places (as it’s too good not to have been), I haven’t seen it up until now and figured others out there might be in the same boat. It documents the band orba square and their album release tour through america, and does it brilliantly. The photography is nice, but some of the subjects could be a a bit blah…but paired with striking colours and fabulous typography it just makes it all work. It’s a photography, typographic, illustrative, infographic festival, LOVE IT.

I feel overinspired. I’m not even sure it’s possible, but judging by the hyperactivity going on inside my head, I’m going to say yes. You know those times that you feel completely void of any ideas and just bleh? I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum right now…so full of thoughts and ideas, but no outlet. Well that’s not entirely true, I can think of loads of applications but not enough time (and to be perfectly honest, probably not enough creativity to make it happen well).

What brought this all on? See the thing is…the Mister and I do a decent amount of travelling, with a decent amount of photos and I’m quite a ‘memories girl’. I truly cherish the little things you get up to…whether on holiday or just in everyday life. Years ago when my friend Lauren and I came over to England for the first time, we would recap on our nights out or whatever we go up to. They were just simple lists/quotes/ anecdotes without explanation on the back of a pile of scrap paper. Years on, I absolutely cherish those lists because they remind me of all the little things that probably would have been forgotten but eventful enough that just a simple quote is enough to make me go, oh yah! I tend to do this with most trips we take but up until now, they are still in the ‘to do’ folder. An unfinished scrapbook from my initial time in England has incorporated type in the design alongside photos, but it’s pretty rubbish. It gets the job done, but eh…BUT NOW I’ve seen this website and I’m drooling. This is EXACTLY what I’d like to do. But omigosh, the amount of time, and creativity to keep coming up with new stuff…I’m extremely impressed.

I must admit I struggle trying to cull photos from trips. There always seems to be handful of photos that I don’t want to keep because they aren’t very interesting or nice, BUT they hold a nice memory or give context to something else. I think I’ve found the solution. Now I just need to do the solving. Number 6 of my Ten commandments for 2010 has, for the moment, moved to position one.

thank you doodlers anonymous for making my head explode…

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