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Makebetter Project: Carlisle Train Station

February 22, 2010
thanks to ally beag

thanks to vicki tequila
thanks to vicki tequila

I can’t claim this makebetter project my own, but thought it was worthy a mention regardless.. As you probably have realized by now, I love a good train station…usually because of the gingerbread detailing or the vintage signage. In this case it’s more about the paul smith-esque stripeys, plants and random chandeliers brightening the place up a bit. The station in question is in Carlisle (waaay up north in Cumbria UK) and has recently been made over by Homebase (the Uk’s version of Home Depot/Lowe’s ) for  an advert due to come out next month. It seems like people are loving it, there is even a petition on facebook of 6,00 people who want the makeover to stay!

thanks to vicki tequila

thanks to tom leavy

thanks to Stormhammer Firebrand

Apparently this transformation campaign which is aimed to inspire people to transform their own homes/gardens (you can make anywhere a home) is not a one off. This is the beginning of a new campaign of transforming spaces that will take place in smaller scales around the country. Carlisle is the first station and allows people to have a seat on a sofa, picnic on the garden furniture or chill out in the foilage on the platform garden while waiting for their train. Anything to soften the blow of having your train delayed by half an hour!

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