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Shoreditch House

January 20, 2010

Oh I really am spoiling myself…one day, I’m going to wake up and my surreal little london life will be gone. Probably all the better to celebrate it while it’s happening, right? Hmm..does that mean that I can splash out and become a member of the Shoreditch House (hah, like they’d have me!) ? I had lunch with a few coworkers there a few weeks ago and I spent the entire meeting trying to whip up some photographic memory talent so I could document all the fabulous details. Thankfully their website had some photos, because I have to say, the mind magic still needs some work.

The private members club is made up of  several floors in the tea building in Shoreditch (same as Pizza East) and contains everything from ten pin bowling, gym, spa, to various dining/meeting areas all incredibly well done. We ate in the rooftop restaurant, which was one of my favorite spots with incredible views over London, a fantastic blend of Tom Dixon lights, stripey seat cushions, marble top tables, oversized rattan seats and view out onto the all weather heated rooftop pool.

Also droolworthy was the lounge area. I love ‘modern’ wingback chairs! *Sigh* and rustic wood and quirky bookshelves…I’ll start packing up the puppy–were moving in.


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