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Last Minute Christmas…Snowflake Star Decorations

December 23, 2009
thanks to lolly girl for her image…I forgot to upload mine before I left home!

Ahh, Christmas is nearly here!! First, I’d like to apologize for my lack of presence lately. It’s been a busy month as it is for everybody, but there was some urgent family matters as well so I’ve been a bit more distant than usual. I’m currently without my computer/files/ pictures as we’ve headed ‘home’ for the holidays to Colchester England to my inlaws. I have a few photos uploaded already (but not the vital end product shots!!) I’d like to share, but I apologize in advance for crappy sizing, pictures etc. because I’m kind of stuck.

Today I thought I’d share this dead simple decoration idea that needs nearly no supplies other than some scrap paper, scissors, tape and stapler and could instantly fill a space with some christmas cheer. There are so many splendid ideas featuring on the blogs this year, but not necesarily always feasible due to time/budget/planning. I found this tutorial for paper stars/snowflakes a few years ago online and make a batch every year. They’ve been hung from the ceilings with ribbon to create a decorative curtain, used as christmas tree toppers, present bows…all sorts of things and they are basically free and recycled as well!


scrap paper

stapler (the smaller the better)

clear tape

scissors/x acto knife

View the directions and see more images after the jump…


preparation. paper selection

Preparation. The paper selection

You could go plain, but I personally think it looks fantastic when you have a bit of variety, whether its a pattern, picture, colour or text. The assembly of the star pretty much ensures that whatever you are using will not be clearly apparent, but the variety is more interesting (and it hides all sorts of flaws!). The first year I made these I used leftover wedding thank yous, last year old moodboard pictures from work and this year I went down the catalogue route. Aubin & Wills do a great magazine/catalogue and after I was done with it, instead of hitting the bin it made the walls. It has text and colourful images so it made for quite interesting patterns.

steps 1 & 2

Step 1. Creating your square paper

With a single sheet of paper in front of you, fold a corner over to the other side of the paper to create a triangle. Trim off the excess to create a square of paper with a diagonal fold. (please note. if you use a4/letter sized paper you are going to have quite a big star-easier to handle, but BIG! It takes some experimenting, but if you cut your square of paper imagine that length doubled for the diameter. )

step 2

Step 2. Slicing your paper

With your triangle pointing away from you, cut three parallel lines from the fold to just short of the imaginary center line. Repeat on the other side. LEAVE A SPACE BETWEEN THE TWO SETS OF LINES, otherwise you will end up cutting out smaller triangles. All you want to do is cut slices through the paper. If you unfold your paper you should have a series of slices through the paper, but should still be intact.

step 3

Step 3. Rolling your paper

Starting with the smallest slices, roll the two points of paper together to form a small tube, and tape together. Flip your paper over and repeat with the middle slices. Flip your paper over again and complete with the largest slices.

You will now have one curled side of your six sided star!

step 4

Step 4. Creating your six ‘points’

Repeat this five more times to complete your six sides.

step 5

Step 5. Pulling it all together

Take three ‘sides’ and line up the bottoms (bottoms/tops they are all the same-just pick a point) and staple together. Repeat with the three remaining ‘sides’. Then tak e these two clusters and staple together. You should now have a six sided star with only one finishing touch!

It can be quite fiddly on a small star, but honestly these things hide nearly all flaws, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about how perfect you do it. Match up the sides of each section together and staple so that the star/snowflake stays together and isn’t floppy.

Step 6

Okay I lied one more step…application! You could hole punch and thread with fishing line or ribbon to hang in a door way, or in front of a window…wrap on a present the possibilities are endless!

These are so easy, but perhaps my instructions have not been great. I can make one of these in a few minutes. Seriously, if you are stuck, just send me an email at or leave a comment and I’ll clarify! Happy star/snowflaking!

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  1. December 23, 2009 2:30 pm

    great tutorial!

  2. December 30, 2009 6:27 pm

    Great decorations, will have to try these out next year, Wishing you all the Happiness for 2010!


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