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Christmas In the Window…Part 3

December 15, 2009

More from the windows of London…(Missed Part 1 & Part 2?) If you hate out of proportion things…you probably hate me right now. I’m getting all a bit too excited about this stuff. Like Santa’s Christmas list before…how about oversized christmas tags? This shop front from french clothing company Loft Design has some adorable tags. I’m torn between wanting to have them all in a line with giant letters on them…or having a christmas line on each..or a person’s name…or….

Tip to take away: Use tags to hang on the wall as a seasonal wall display or create a giant advent calender?

Okay, admittedly thise displays from Toast aren’t ground breaking…but maybe that’s a good point.

Tips to take away: leave all my crazy trends behind and just focus on a good old traditional tobaggan, ski, evergreen, colourfull knitted chrissie. Hmm, I think could handle that. Whilst you are keeping it traditional, check out Toast’s podcasts from William Blacker, Along the Enchanted Way. His voice is captivating..and its a nice soothing tale that is a nice break from all the obnoxious Christmas noise. I’m listening to it whilst I write this, with candles burning, twinkle lights on and I feel relaxed already.


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