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Christmas in the window…Part 2

December 14, 2009

Here is a few more of London’s shopping window displays ( view part 1 here).This first scandanavian theme from Daylesford Organic photographed horribly but was one of my favorites…not because its some elaborate display but because I loved what was in the window. Sadly, despite the fact that most items, (if not all) were sold by the shop, their online presence is appalling. All i can offer you are these wooden christmas decorations .

I have every colour of the rainbow going on in our christmas decs it seems, but would love one day to have this simple silver, white and wooden theme. I’ve been pestering my dad for some real antlers (he lives in the woods and is a source for all sorts of natural wildlife goodies)… I’d love to have them up all year round, but this christmas take on it has me even more keen.

Tip to take away: create giant pomanders (they are often created for weddings-here are two great tutorials, one from ruffledblog and one from martha stewart) but use whites/silvers instead for a giant snowflake/ornament effect. If you are lucky enough to have access to pinecones, a little hot glue and a styrofoam triangle would make an easy rustic tree. I love pinecones…the more the merrier.


This next creation really favors to my love of oversized…and for the theatrical limits of decorating for Christmas. This display from L& R bookshop in Notting Hill got me thinking…how great would it be to do a giant Santa’s naughty nice list that hung from the ceiling–flowing into the corners, behind and around a christmas tree. We used to have a Santa about 6 inches tall from Hallmark that was holding a scrolled list, and my mom had added our family’s names onto the ornament in the same style as the others. It was one of my favorite decs growing up.

Tip to take away: purchase a long roll of paper (or maybe fabric) and write names down for as long as you can…checking some off, relegating some to naughty etc. and Starting from the ceiling, drape your list around. Using fishing line or thin balsa wood or dowel rods to create creases at various points would really make this look fantastic. If you had a giant entryway, staircase or other area with tall ceilings this could be a cheap, yet dramatic decoration. And done carefully, could be rolled up and stored in postal tube for next year.


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