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Dear Olive,

December 9, 2009

Oh, I tried to resist posting something that probably has already made the blog round, but after I found myself taping this to the inspiration wall at work I felt I had to share (we are inspired by pictures of cats using screwdrivers that won’t work without a brief as well,  in case you were wondering). I think the artist behind this, Gemma Correll, is fabulous. I am a huge admirer for her seemingly effortless ability to create artwork. I say it seems effortless because the amount of illustrating she creates (like her hilarious journals) simply wouldn’t allow any messing about. Gemma is a fellow Londoner with a penchant for Pugs…so I’m hoping that means she’d love a good french bulldog model, because let’s face it, they’re cuter. Soooo Gemma, in high hopes that you are out there reading this-fancy a fabulous frenchie on loan for inspiration? I can absolutely guarantee a pocketfull of personality in the form of a small gremlin, gizmo, clown, gargoyle puppy.

P.S. as i sit here typing one handed…olive is perched on my lap sitting like a human– on her butt, with arms in the air ( like said picture above)– and just slapped me across the face. Humiliating and yet hilarious all at once. Saucy minx.

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