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Wall Planted

November 16, 2009


The weekend before last David, Olive and I headed into Regents St/ Oxford St area for some masochistic shopping pain. I love some of the stores, but just can’t bear the crowds sometimes. Anyway, I finally got to check out the new anthropologie store on Regent St.. I have to say, despite my strong respect for the stylists and brand to continually strive to make everything in the world ‘pretty’, I was against the store opening in London. I guess I feel that this is just another thing that brings all the international cities closer together that soon, there will be no difference (shopping wise at least) to all the major cities. By the way, I’m against Topshop in the USA as well. Plus the prices don’t translate and it’s all just a mess.

BUT I’m not going to be a martyr about it..if it’s there, I have to keep up with the jones’! I assumed they wouldn’t take kindly to whipping out the camera, so all i have if this rubbish iPhone photo of their fab-u-lous living plant wall that went from floor to ceiling over four floors. It didn’t disappoint in its styling or its offering…the pricing makes it even more impossible to own anything of sizable interest but I appreciate the inspirational high that I have when I leave…

David was waiting outside with Olive while I perused, but he wandered in after we saw a Pug walking around. She was happily accepted by all of the Anthropologie staff, who one by one came over to say hello, gush and encourage her to explore the store. She stayed comfortably in arms the whole time because if I have to shell out money for an item from Anthro, I don’t want it selected by a puppy and her mischievousness!

You can see more photos of their newest store at Tea for Joy and ink on my fingers.


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