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‘COS i love you

November 10, 2009



I think if I had to pick one store as my favorite I would say COS…sure there are loads of others in the mix that I probably like even more, but when it comes to actually affording things and making purchases it comes back to COS. You know how its harder to find something plain with lovely subtle details than it is to find an item completely embellished…well that’s where COS is so great. Beautiful colours–they always seem to hit my desired colour palette for every new season- mixed with basics with a quirky twist all the way to some slightly insane pieces. Oddly enough, in contrast to my other favorite stores where I love the photography or the styling…I ughm, actually hate what COS does, its all very strange european stark space agey stuff, but the clothing on the racks is great so that’s all it takes. It does take a bit of imagination to shop there though as the clothing can seem a bit strange on the hanger..and I’ve even gone so far as to take things into the dressing room and then get a little bit stuck as to where I’m supposed to put a limb. I accept the challenge happily.



COS is part of the H&M group, but is a bit more exclusive as it’s only in a few select cities. These photos are from London, Paris and Copenhagen and are about as far away from cluttered H&M as possible. I love the way the shops are fitted out  in a minimal european style…ABSOLUTELY love the sofas in the central london store. As for the actual goods– since I cant find any product images for all the items on my ‘cravings list’ online I guess Ill just have to buy it all!

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  1. November 10, 2009 8:09 pm

    They have some really great stuff!


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