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November 5, 2009



I’m originally from central Pennsylvania, just an hour and half outside of Philadelphia. I never quite grasped how cool Philly can be until it was too late and I’d moved to another continent. Philadelphia’s suburbs latest treasure, Terrain, the oh so blogged about garden centre, just happened to be on the way (thanks to some clever planning) to my brothers house. Thankfully, my stepmum is a very talented flowery/outdoorsy person who is always game for an artistic display and my husband can be easily entertained if he has the camera in his hands. I got to have a long, tempting look at loads and loads of things I either couldn’t afford, or worse yet, COULD but couldn’t transport them overseas for agricultural reasons, or just space/size and fragility.


It seriously was fantastic. I’m such a sucker for something that has been well styled and this store is the epitome of that. I literally would move in given the chance. It’s all the charm and unexpectedness that Anthropologie has, but in a very rustic, serene setting…and it’s so strange to be in a garden centre, but with that added twist that ‘bumpkin joe’ isn’t selling you a hedge, its a hedge that sits inside a pot that looks like its been salvaged from a palace looked after by artists…

I ended up leaving with one small prize, a small bud vase for a sweet price of $4.95. yay…pictures on the way. It was definitely not enough to satisfy me…until next time terrain.

P.S. I was very lucky to have on my “pillarbox team,” my dear husband David, who lovingly covered every square inch of space to take pictures of texture (my favorite) as well as colours etc. so that I could spend my precious time shopping instead of documenting. I want to thank him for that…as well as wish him a very, very happy birthday today. I won’t embarrass you too much..but I wanted to say thanks for growing old with me. I’m still working on my life long plan of proving to you how great a choice of yours that was…

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