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Around Town: Massachusetts & New York

November 2, 2009

thanks to erjkprunczyk for this image

To continue where I left off in USA report… We were last spotted in killington Vt. From there we headed south into Massachusetts and to the quaint little town of Lee. Not typically on a tourists map (unless you are game for Tanglewood Music festival which takes place nearby). My good friends (and former employers) have a holiday home there and have lovingly included me in the close family they have built over the last decade. It was quite a unique experience turning up in a town you’ve never been before and meeting up with lovely familiar people (I’ve met quite a few friends on their visits to the UK), seeing signage on a shop you designed years ago and seeing all the places you know by heart from stories, but have never seen. Finally got to see Joes diner ( setting of a famous  Norman Rockwell painting), the Morgan house ( a charming pub/ restaurant run by friends) and the delightful cottage of Richard and Clare.


We started our visit off with a house tour which left me drooling (and a bit frustrated that I can’t manage to sort out our tiny flat to a decent standard and here is this beautiful home decorated from across the pond and each room is better than the next-working beautifully together but not feeling samey). Sadly the camera was tucked away in the car so you’ll have to make do with these shots from their website. The house is available for rentals so feel free to see if they have still have any vacancies!


I can’t decide whether it’s the twig bed against the bluish gray timber walls that is my favorite- or the sunroom with ‘clair oils’ sign… or the custom dining table and built in booth ( unfortunately not shown – get that camera out clare!)

From there we headed onto main street, an idylic postcard street (featured above) and also home of the Morgan house for drinks and idle chatter. The Morgan House is a cozy mid 1800’s establishment, with just the right amount of traditional and modern touches to satisfy it’s history and its future. I really did not want to go…but our next stop beckoned.




Our next stop was the catskills, NY – a charming, if not slightly odd bed and breakfast. We drove in pitch black, and could only hear the  sound of something roaring in close proximity…only to awake to find we were virtually sitting on top of a waterfall. It had a set of stairs that led all the way down to water level…so we had to take advantage of that! Who needs outdoor boots when you have bensimon shoes to slip and slide dangerously across rocks.


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