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Royal Brittania

November 1, 2009


I feel like I’ve been gone for years…we’ve been so busy! I still haven’t finished updates from our trip to the states which seems like a distant memory. There are good reasons for this absence, nearly all of which are exciting and i will be sharing soon! So cheers to a new launch of pillarboxpost, may posts be few and not far between! To celebrate no. 1 in exciting news- I’m now officially a Brit! I attended my citizenship ceremony* last week and am now a proud dualcitizen between good ol’ us of a and the united kingdom!


I think this celebration calls for what any good celebration deserves- vintage (or vintage esque) bunting. You can find the version used in the masthead from beachhut for 3 metres at £14.99 or the loveliness featured above from a true british love, pedlars, for £14.95 for one metre. While we’re celebrating all things British, we might as well go for something tea related as well– tea revives you print from the keep calm gallery for £18.

* to liven up just another bureaucratic ceremony the event got put on lockdown as one of my fellow citizens stole my official certificate from the top of the pile minutes before we gave our oath to live and serve in the democratic truthful society of Britain. It later was anonymously returned. Oh bless.


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