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Around Town: Boston part II

October 2, 2009

gossip girl

Continuing on with the trip


On my second day I took the subway to the Harvard campus,  just in time for the 9 o’clock rush to class. I got caught in the throng of students so just followed along until we reached the doors, then stopped and opened my book and read in the sunshine- something that thrilled me as it was something I always wanted to do at uni. I felt like was skipping class. However I was very dissapointed in the fashion area- I had hopes of jcrew meets gossip girl collegiate prep- you know brogues, blazers, knee highs, satchels and scarves. Not one in sight. Skechers, harvard tshirts and sporty backpacks the size of our kitchen. Yuck.

thanks to the singular

thanks to the singular

thanks to jumelle for image

thanks to jumelle for image

2. Bensimon

I love Bensimon trainers but despite being a small swimmable distance away from their orgin of France it’s still quite difficult to find them. I know they are quite pricey for what they are- plimsolls but I find them comfortable and extremely versatile. The last pair I got from a Bensimon store in nice France on holiday and although they are still going strong I’m on the lookout for backup pair. So i’m walking around Cambridge MA and wandered into a shop and I spotted the bensimon collection, but at the price of 55 dollars each. Now if I calculated cost per wear etc they would be cheap as chips but conscience couldn’t get over the tag so I left sadly to go debate myself in the value of a dollar. That’s when victory struck- I went into the fourth urban outfitters if the trip ( I was after a pair of tretorns for David and no where had his size) and there in the bargain basement were piles of bensimmons for 19.99 each!! I went to pay for my beautiful steel gray pair and they came out at 9.99. So I went back and got a pair of green ones too. Would have been silly not to!

black ink shop

3. Black ink

Black Ink is a great little designy shop in cambridge. It’s one if those places where you want everything and you leave with nothing because you can’t decide- or is that just me? To be fair I did leave with a Charlie Harper abc book for my niece, but it was nearly bagfuls. I had my eye particularly on a dog toy with a ball that when held in the dogs mouth looks like they have a mustache (endless fun i’m sure) or a white ceramic takeaway coffee cup that I’ve been lusting after for a year and still haven’t indulged in. Also on my list were these telegram cards for $8. Anyway on top of that they had great stationery, beautiful ceramics and well oddities…and a great window display…and a store dog. Brilliant.


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