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Around Town: Boston part 1

October 1, 2009
thanks to fanjason for the image

thanks to fanjason for the image

How inconsiderate to leave pillarboxpost all by it’s lonesome the past two weeks without a word. It’s been ( and will be) rather busy as we are selling the contents of our flat, moving and we just had a trip back to the states to visit family. It was supposed to be a relaxing recharge retreat so I tried to stay away from photos and fact finding missions but there are a few things I have to share…

1. Beacon hill

I hail from Pennsylvania and New England is close and yet I’ve been there once in my life. In my attempts to show Hubby all that the us of a has to offer I planned a little side trip there in addition to the regular haunts. We flew in to Boston and spent three days there (slightly moot point as we then arranged for Hubby to work in his company’s Boston office so I had a two days to entertain myself). I just wandered without any goal or purpose, probably walking over ten miles a day. My favorite area was the Beacon Hill area (pictured above). It is a haven of bricked streets, gas lamps, window boxes and flags. If I had to move to the states now I’d probably move there. Of course I’d like to move to one of the most expensive areas…who wouldn’t!?


2. Good

I wasn’t that impressed with shopping in Boston..I’m sure I could be proven wrong in an instant, but I didn’t seem to fall across many (one of the downfalls of the random wandering I suppose). One exception to this statement was the gorgeous Good shop. It wasn’t open when I passed but pressing my nose against the glass was quite useful, as are these rubbish phone photos. You get the idea, wooden stumps and gorgeous ceramics-yay!


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