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Weidenfeld & Nicolson Books

September 1, 2009
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weidenfeld & nicolson books

the reader

one day endpaper

the siege endpaper

After a much awaited return to being a library card owner, I’m being a being a bit more picky about how I spend money on books. I get my fix on crappy novels at the library and invest in beautifully designed books from the shop. That way I figure it’s like i’m buying a piece of art that I can display proudly, oh and with the added bonus that I can read it as well! I purchased a beautiful ‘Wuthering Heights’ from the much talked about patterned penguin series in Austria (before I realized they were sold out in the UK!) and have most recently ‘ The reader’ by Bernhard Schlink to the bookshelf. Waterstones, who continues to amaze me in its collection of fantastic series, (even though they are just a run of the mill chain store)had a display set up for the latest Weidenfeld & Nicolson books and I spent 45 minutes deciding which one was going home with me that day. Created to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Weidenfeld & Nicolson published a beautifully designed hardback collection of nine of the imprint’s finest works of fiction. The books were designed by Fallon Design, who truly are well rounded it seems! They are the creators of the instant classics– Phil Collin’s Cadbury Advert, and the Sony Bravia “Balls” advert.

The books have a real handmade feel to them, as the covers are all made out of a thick untreated cardboard with a die-cut that shows through to a distinctly unique endpaper. All the end papers were designed exclusively for the book collection. ‘The Reader’ has a marbled handmade paper vibe going on, while ‘One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich’ has a the shape of a hand pointing down as a “symbolic reference to the Russian authoritarian regime while the end-paper collage further references constructivist themes and iconography” through the interpretation of collage. Whew! Sounds hardcore, but is simply pretty!

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