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A Lovely Shade of Grey

August 19, 2009






The latest visual treat from the lovely stylist, Ms. Louisa Grey. I have had the pleasure working with Louisa not only as a member of a commissioning company, but also at this time last year, I assisted Louisa on a month long shoot for a European paint company’s campaign.

I often feel stylists get the short end of the stick as they are often not credited (leaving images to be classified solely as the work of the photographer), when they are actually putting the most blood sweat and tears into a shot. Having scrubbed away five years of grease on kitchen shelves, solved the problem of covering meters and meters of windows (see shot 3) without proper curtains or ladders) and having played zookeeper with the owner’s cat as they attempted to mark a £5,000 chair as their property,  I can vouch that it’s not all glamorous. It’s loads of organization, begging and giving away your first born to secure all the items you need to best bring the brief to life. Then you need to integrate the new props into setting,  make existing material prettier than it was when you stepped through the door and then run it all in reverse so when you leave the location, it was like you were never there.

Whew!..but then you see the outcome–beautiful shots that look as carefree as the wildflowers in the wind and you think maybe its the mark of a great stylist that you can’t see them in the shot. Well done Lou on a fabulous new ‘book’…err website!


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