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August 12, 2009



If I had a job that required me to dress professionally -wearing skirts, heels and proper grown up blouses I think I would pick Reiss as my “sponsored retailer”. As it stands, I’m allowed to show up to work wearing chucks, torn jeans and tshirts looking like the cat dragged me in. I’m not proud of it, just being realistic…so I’m thinking that Reiss’ new line 1971 is probably more my speed. It  claims to be “modern, youthful and chic…The new fashion forward evolution of the brand brings its very own irreverent attitude, inspired by a time when music and fashion were extremely powerful.” That doesn’t mean too much to me, but I love the shots on their press material (plus, I’m fairly sure that the photos were taken in my favourite square in the Marais district of Paris).

By Gian Paolo La Barbera from São Paulo Brazil

By Gian Paolo La Barbera from São Paulo Brazil

By tom elliott-mell from london, england

By tom elliott-mell from london, england


When I went to window shop the new collection, I stumbled onto something even more interesting…a t-shirt design contest for the new brand. Ah, glad to see everyone embracing the community/upload aspect of the internet. Anyway, they want illustrators, artists etc. to upload ideas based aroun “1971” and the winner will be made into a reiss 1971 t shirt and sold in store. I picked a few that caught my attention  for various reasons. I would LOVE to do this…a wee bit busy at work lately to even think about sleeping, let alone embarking on a new non essential project, but maybe? Might get it finished by 2071…

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