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August 3, 2009

Gregoire Alexandre for Curious Collection. ArjoWiggins

Gregorie Alexandre for the Curious Collection

Like the shadow puppets I wrote about before, I am easily captivated by animals in a simple form, especially when origami explodes in scale! I just spotted this great image from the very talented french photographer Gregorie Alexandre. He is a fabulous creator, with a distinct talent in playing with scale and proportion and using paper in an ususual way in his photographs. This particular piece was for ArjoWiggins (the paper company) for their Curious Collection. A perfect pairing of talent, if I’ve ever seen one.

Gregorie Alexandre Fissure at

Gregorie Alexandre Fissure at

Gregorie Alexandre at

Gregorie Alexandre at

I started writing this post based purely off of the flat photographs I had seen, but when I started digging a bit deeper, I found out it was even cooler than that! Visit the experiential site Curious Story, and Alexandre’s photos come to life. Sadly, my internet speed (or the technical build of the site) dampened my curiousity a bit with waiting for screens to load, but it has a fantastic viewpoint…zooming into photos, and exiting the other side into a galaxy of navigation…to dragging your cursor across the screen, which in turn pushes/pulls a photo across the screen, that then gets sucked into a vortex of paper.

If that isn’t enough entertainment there is also this video, which I was hoping it would be a ‘how-to’ make a giant paper unicorn…sadly, it’s not,  but it’s interesting nonetheless. As is this interview with Alexandre, here.


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