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Knitting up a storm

July 30, 2009

blah blah donna wilsonblah blah donna wilson

clouds donna wilson

I’m usually more a chunky cable knit type of girl, but something about the colours and patterns in these pieces from Scottish designer, Donna Wilson have me all smiley. Perhaps it has something to do with the incessant rain and autumnal temperatures that descend on London every July…maybe those clouds just make me feel at home. Whatever it is, I  want one…or three, all despite the fact that it has nothing to do decor wise with anything else in our little flat. Then, I could take a duvet day, wrap up in the cloud blanket and read a good book, and when I get tired of that, switch to the blah blah blanket and call a friend and chat away for hours.

All the blankets, cushions and scarves are  100% lambswool and knitted in Scotland.

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  1. July 30, 2009 4:44 pm

    I could use some of those autumn temps now – curling up in the cloud blanket is high on my to do list.


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