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Veronicas, Violettes and Bettys

July 28, 2009

nylon magazine 2004

These clippings come from a Nylon magazine, from 2004 (maybe 2005). I loved the photos then, and I love ’em now. I’ve tried making that necklace I don’t know how many times, but never doing it right. One time involved some fired clay type substitute, another time- beads from a broken necklace. They all ended in the same result– the necklace spontaneously combusting when I’m crossing the street. The first few times I chased them around trapping them against shop windows etc. but I soon gave up. I also naively attempted to create the fabulous name pin she is wearing…but Brittany just didn’t do…it needs to be something like Veronica, Violette or Betty, no? I think I attempted it with Claire, my middle name, which was better but still not perfect. After a four year hiatus, I think the name badge search is back on. First stop, acrylic name necklace makers. And while I’m at it, maybe I’ll just search out the fabulous outfit, great little driving gloves and the tousled hair.

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