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Out of the City & Into the Park

July 15, 2009

Park Stories

One of my favorite things about where we live is that we are a two minute walk (if that) into hyde park/kensington gardens. It’s a fantastic space with extraordinary wildlife (lime green parkeets), fountains, carefully maintained gardens…the list goes on. In fact, a lot of our non working lives revolve around the London parks, whether it’s David playing football in Regents park on a Saturday, taking a bike ride in Richmond Park to see the deer, or going for a run down through Green Park and St. James Park. I love the smells (or lack thereof) and the fact that you can get away and forget that you are in the middle of a metropolis…it’s kind of easy when there is 5,000 acres of parkland!

Anyway, I am going somewhere with this…a few weeks ago I saw a collection of small books in a bookshop window in a fresh colour palette with nice cover illustrations. Turns out it was a series called ‘Park Stories‘, which pairs 8 famous writers with a Royal Park as their inspiration for a short story. You can purchase them individually for a very affordable £2 (an affordability even extended to the US!) or £16 for the set collected in a sleeve.  I love reading/seeing things about places I’ve been, so I’m fairly certain  I would enjoy the stories.  Plus I could frame them as a lovely memento of my good times in the Parks!

Illustrations by Ali Hutchinson

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