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The way my life looks…in my dreams.

June 23, 2009


Last month the Hubby and I went on a ten day, six city train extravaganza through Europe that was surprisingly brilliant, despite a complete breakdown of planning on our part. If I’m completely honest, I wanted to take the trip because of the romantic fifties/sixties movies take on train travel (ala North by Northwest). Sadly this glamour has been killed off by horrible ugly graffitied modern trains (that lack modern convenience).  But, all is not lost–being able to see the distinct changes in architecture and countryside as you travel makes up for all the inadequecies!

Picture 5Only a few days after we returned from the holiday I came across this new(ish) video on the chanel site, which is a perfect example of that glamour I was hoping still existed in long distance train travel. From the gorgeous colour palette, quality of light to the ambiguity of time it is beautiful. Plus, it has Audrey Tatou who can do no wrong in my book.
Picture 1

Picture 2

It is the cinematic version of what I am always on a quest for in my interiors, outfits etc. It manages a vintage tone, but still modern…The result makes you think that it is purely done in with a vintage wardrobe, props etc., but then you look at her jeans or other items of clothing and think well maybe not…maybe she is in current times.

Picture 4It even carries through to her camera (is it a leica?) which is very old school in the looks department, but it’s digital! Fab-u-lous looks with all the modern convenience.

Anyway, the movie was created in flash, and therefore unable to embed, but you really should go to and then pick your location and it directs you from there. It’s a short and snappy beautiful love story…all in two minutes!

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