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You’ve Got Mail…

June 9, 2009

Pillar Box outside our flat

I’ve always been a bit of a “wow, look at the top of that building, I’ve never noticed that before!”…so living in London, a patchwork of architecture and design from nearly 2, 000 years makes me a bit like a dalmation at a kid’s birthday party. In short, I get more excited about silly little details than a sane person probably should be…but, I enjoy it! I want to share all of these things, but in true Brittany-fashion, I always wait for the perfect picture, or perfect caption, or to make something handmade and in the end nothing gets done. So, it seems that I’m now going to take up a generic mass form of communication in order to get in touch with, well truthfully not masses of people probaby, but perhaps a few people along the way. I’m hoping to create a multimedia version of the mail that I love to send and receive–saying hello and chronicling all the things I find interesting whether it’s something around town, a feature in a shop window or dribs and drabs from our journeys around Europe.

Welcome to Pillar Box Post.

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